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Hi, I'm new. Just though I would post some things I wrote in my… - Lolita by Adrian Lyne

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October 6th, 2005

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09:25 pm
Hi, I'm new. Just though I would post some things I wrote in my journal comparing Lyne's version with Kubrick's. There's pics to.

I love the pic of Dominique and Jeremy but it doesn't really capture Dominique Swain's Lo, she's a not-so-sweet brat in Lyne's version. So really Lyne's coincides better with the book as Lo was the quintessential vulgar American bobby soxer. Sue Lyon was sweeter but too womanly.I guess Kubrick was catering for the censors and prudish audiences(you can see Lo's devious little mind plotting away in the pic on the right). In Kubrick's version it seems that Humbert was more attracted to Lolita's looks rather than her resemblance to his childhood sweetheart. Although Lynne's film was more confronting and provacative Humbert's love for Lo was more sympathetic. Here is this overtly obnoxious child who manipulates him and in the end betrays him but he still loves her despite this. Even though the 62' film was less sexy it seemed that Mason's Humbert was motivated solely by a rather weak form of
lust.The pyschological aspects of Humbert's obsession is more present in the recent film.


If I was sitting on Jeremy's lap I'd make sure it wasn't my hand he was kissing ;)

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